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Our Products

We craft each of our works with the care and attention to detail that is deserved by a piece that is to be featured in a customer's home.

Lazy Susan

We make Lazy Susans in many sizes.  These are functional as a center piece, organizational aid, or a serving tray/platter.  The wood grain is meticulously selected for optimal strength and beauty.  Each item is finished with a Food Safe and all natural, Mineral Oil and Beeswax Mixture.


Chess Board and Pieces

These Chess Boards are regulation sized and suitable for players of all skill levels. Each are made to order and the continuous wood grain flows through out the board and the boarder.  The piece are hand turned and have a small piece of felt on the board to protect the board and the pieces.  


Foot Rollers

Our one-of-a-kind, stylish foot rollers come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of wood species. They are beautiful, unique and useful for everyone whether you spend a lot of time on your feet for work or play. 

Keepsake / Gift Boxes

Our keepsake box series is focused around creating a beautiful and personal piece for each order that we receive; whether it be for a wedding, a memory of a lost loved one, or just because you want to give someone a beautiful gift that feels very personal and special our boxes are handcrafted with the utmost care.


Accessory Shelf

Each Accessory Shelf is custom made for each client to best display what ever items are most important.  With several hardwood options, each shelf shows off personality, while still allowing an heirloom quality piece for organization.  Made with an integral French Cleat, each shelf can quickly and easily be added to any room.  This makes a great gift!



Coasters give you a subtle way of adding some wood tones to a room as well as showing off a bit of your personality.  Practical, yet still aesthetically pleasing. 


End Grain Cutting Boards

End Grain Cutting Boards are very practical while still giving many opportunities for customization with wood species, special features, size and grain patterns.  Use them for preparing your dinner or for serving appetizers at a party.


Barn Doors

Give your space an accent! Every barn door is created with traditional joinery to ensure that your door will last generations.  Whether you select a traditional door style or create something that is completely original and your own, a barn door is the perfect addition to your living space.


Serving Trays

Practical, yet still aesthetically pleasing.  The warm wood tones with an accent of copper allow you to organize your home, create daring center pieces, or simply serve food and drink at your next get together.

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