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Keepsake / Valet Boxes

Our handmade boxes are each made to order with care, quality and precision in mind.

Handmade Men's Valet Box, Walnut & Maple
These unique boxes can be designed to fit the personality of the receiver or to compliment the style of any space. We have created boxes for purposes of keepsake items, personal items, men's valet boxes, watch boxes, sunglasses boxes, or even just small personal storage
Since each box is made to order we offer you the chance to request every detail just the way you want it; from the type of wood that is used to the type of lid and closure mechanisms you'd like (hinge or floating, clasp or magnetic closure, etc.) 
Handmade Koa Wood Keepsake Box
IMG_4458 (1).jpg
Wix Box Good.jpg

Koa Box with Hinged lid

Cherry Cremation Urn with Walnut Splines

Walnut Sliding Lid Tarot Card Box

with Moon phase Laser Engraving

Walnut Hinged box with Maple Corners

Redwood lid with Maple inlay


Mahogany Dovetailed Recipe Box

with Chamfered White Ash lid

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