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Barn Doors

Barn Doors can be an incredibly versatile way to separate rooms in a home.  The options for their size and styling are endless.  We can take a classic design like a "Shaker" or a "Frame and Panel" and create it on a large scale, or create a different design that is totally your own.  All doors are created with traditional joinery, which takes wood movement into account, and will ensure that your door is structurally sound and able to be easily used by people of all ages and abilities for many generations.  

The doors are functional, and can be used to cover a closet, pantry, bedroom, living room, home theatre or stairway.  Each door comes with a ledger board that is finished in the same manner as the rest of the door.  This ledger board board can be attached to the studs of your home, and then the door rail can attached the the ledger.  With stud spacing not always being as standard as you think, have a solid, hardwood board to bolt the door rail to, gives a strong and sturdy connection to support the weight of the door.

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