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End Grain Cutting Boards


End Grain Cutting Boards are the perfect addition to any kitchen.  Whether you are using them for preparing food, a pop of natural colors or a serving tray, these cutting boards can be used for as many tasks as you can think of.  Each if made from solid hardwoods, that in addition to being selected for the beauty and continuity of grain, provide strength and durability.  Wood cutting boards are better in many ways to plastic or another kind of cutting board.  They protect your knives, which can be a huge investment in and of themselves, and do not retain moisture and bacteria the same way that other boards can.  Additionally, we are able to customize the boards for what ever size and function you need them to fit.  Boards can feature laser letter or character engraving, a juice groove or any other feature you can think of.  Boards can be made of one species of wood, one main with an accent stripe, or even a random pattern of hardwoods.  There is not limit to what we can create.  Visit our Etsy to see some pre-sized options, or send us a custom request for the board of your dreams!

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